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Welcome to the official New Zealand web site for SQ & SPL Soundoffs.

dB Drag Racing, Sounds Alive, Monster SPL Soundoffs NZ and Extreme Bass Battle NZ are auto sound competition formats where competitors compete against one another to see who has the loudest car stereo system. This is the fundamental basis for a dB Drag Racing, Sounds Alive, Extreme Bass Battle NZ & Monster SPL Soundoffs event.

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The dB Drag Racing Association (dBDRA) has gone to great lengths to insure that the rules for competing in dB Drag Racing are as comprehensive and unambiguous as possible. Even so, there will invariably be times when a particular application or installation will fall outside the scope of this rulebook. When those occasions arise, it is the responsibility of the head judge to make a determination as to whether the incident in question abides by the "spirit" of dB Drag Racing competition. As a competitor, it is your responsibility to understand the rules and to abide by any decisions rendered by the head judge.

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